Shelly Turner
Shelly Turner
Shelly Turner

Top 10 Affiliate of Builderall
6 Figure Income Earner

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The Secret to Success?  Recurring Income!

You Have Recurring Bills...Why Not Have Recurring Income?

Sounds crazy right?

But last month I made thousands of dollars in recurring commissions from promoting just 1 subscription software.

And now I am ready to help you learn the secrets behind my success...

I’m going to prove it’s actually possible for you too.

We will dive into a new digital marketing platform called Builderall.

Their affiliate program alone has created consistent recurring income for hundreds of affiliates all across the world already.

Join a Team that has Explosive Growth!

Builderall Team Awesome has a leader with...

     - Over 600 ACTIVE LEADS on her team

     - Over 595 ACTIVE AFFILIATES on her team

     - Ranking position of #9 affiliate of all time

     - Six figure earner with Builderall alone

     - Builderall Certified Partner status

     - Builderall Ambassador status

     - Builderall Certified Agency status

With three years of Builderall experience, I have contributed

    - tutorials
    - trainings

    - boot camps

    - webinars

I have taught thousands of Builderall members how to effectively use the platform.

A few came in with experience...

Others were brand-new to Builderall and digital marketing...

Experienced or new...young or training can meet you where you are!

I teach team members how not only use the Builderall tools, but I also spend countless hours of time creating trainings to show strategies and best practices to succeed in digital and affiliate marketing. 

My powerhouse skills include:

    - information technology

    - website development

    - mobile app development

    - entrepreneurship

I have a unique set of skills to get the person in the right place to jumpstart their experience with Builderall. 

With my experience as a former high school biology teacher, I also have the ability to share mindset and motivation secrets to keep you pushing towards success!

I promote Builderall as a top affiliate with the goal of helping my team members reach their highest potential of success with Builderall.

Check out what  Builderall Members are saying about Shelly Turner and Team Awesome!

Chris Chesar
Team Awesome member
Builderall Ambassador
Builderall Leadership Team
Dave Sharpe
Legendary Marketer
Romain Georgel
Team Awesome - France
Carolyn Dunnet-Biggers
Team Awesome
Dominic Biggers
Coffee Talk Marketing
Cindy Branson
Team Awesome
Julie Gordon
Charter Team Awesome Member

What are People All Over Builderall Saying about Shelly Turner?

Builderall Affiliate Training

Live Tuesday Night Training - Every Week!

Darla Cantrell
Team Awesome Member

YouTube Channel Training

Builderall Certified Partner Trainer

Builderall Premium Plan... it really the only marketing tool I will ever need?


By joining Team Awesome and the Builderall Premium Plan, you are going to get all of the tools, all of the training, and all of the bonuses I provide for my team!

You are going to be AMAZED at all of the possibilities and opportunities you have with Team Awesome and the Builderall Premium Plan...

DARE TO SUCCEED with Team Awesome and Builderall!

Builderall Premium Plan is only $69.90/mo for all the tools you need to quickly and easily grow your business online.

Can you afford NOT to?

I have started brick and mortar businesses, online businesses, service-based businesses...and never have I been able to start a business for less than $70!

But let me SWEETEN THE POT for you!

What if you could have all of this for $1?

Yeppers AGAIN!

You can get a trial membership of the Builderall Premium Plan and Team Awesome for only $1 for your first 30 days.

Let's review what all you get for that $1...


Find out how Shelly Turner has risen from the ranks to become a top 10 affiliate, Certified Partner trainer, Ambassador, and Certified Agency Owner in Builderall.  Every week she will train Team Awesome on new features, updates, along with tips and tricks on how to build and grow your business.  

Value:  $1997/mo


Pick a date that is convenient for you to talk with Shelly Turner ONE-ON-ONE and get personal direction on how to proceed with Builderall.  Shelly can help you focus on exactly where you want to start and how to get started with Builderall.  

Value:  $1997/mo

DFY LANDING PAGES Ready for you to Collect Leads

Get ready to get started with 16 AMAZING and CONVERTING landing pages to start building your email list and getting leads for your business.  Just a few clicks and they are ready to go!

Value:  $797


Give away free Builderall accounts to anyone that wants to see what Builderall has to offer.  We have the perfect Magic Funnel for what you need!  Seeing is believing...and now you can let them see it for FREE before they upgrade!

Value:  $597


These softwares help you further manage your digital marketing program by providing even more features that compliment the tools of Builderall.  Get ready to be blown away by this bonus package of valuable software!

Value:  $997/mo


Another level of awesome when you consider that you are going to get daily resources that you can use for your social media marketing of your own business or for Builderall.  It includes graphics, email swipes, videos, and more!

Value:  $97/mo


Get ready to access a multitude of training resources in several different key areas of digital marketing including Facebook Ads, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram, WordPress, and more!  And the list of training keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Value:  $97/mo


...access to all the marketing tools you'll ever need to grow a successful business online.

You’re getting access to $5,000/mo worth of bonuses and my best training for FREE when you join today. 

See why should you be so excited about this?

You start with everything you need.

Click the red button below:

Join and lock-in these bonuses for FREE before this offer is no longer available.

Remember, signing up for Builderall and Team Awesome only takes a few seconds and it’s one of the best platforms I’ve ever used to run a business online...

Plus, it’s probably more affordable than what you’re already paying now for your marketing tools.  No more duct-taping all of our digital marketing tools together.  Access all of your tools from ONE PLATFORM!

Get ready! 

Once you join my team...we will get started immediately!  You will get your first email right away...and the fun (and work) will begin!

I can't wait to see you on the inside!!

Premium Plan
$69.90 per month

Just $1 for 30 Days

You’ll Get Access To All Of My HUGE Bonuses, ALL The Marketing Tools You'll Ever Need In ONE Location, & a MASSIVE Earning Potential With Builderall's 2 Tier Affiliate Program.  

Cancel Anytime - No Strings - No Upsells - No Garbage

What is my goal for you?

The more money you make...the more money I make!!

So what is a reasonable expectation for you when you join Builderall?

I want you to share Builderall as an affiliate and get one person per week that is excited enough about Builderall to sign up for the premium plan.

For an entire year, that would be 52 people.  Now let's do the math!

At the end of the year, just in the 100% commissions alone, you would earn about $3600

Now let's talk about the magic of the two-tier leveraged affiliate system.

When you come in, I am going to work hard for you...but then I am going to work hard for the people you bring in, too!  So let's say that we are able to teach your people that same thing that I am teaching you...get just one new premium member a week.  Now the numbers are going to start adding up!

Your estimated monthly income (with my help) would be:

CLICK HERE to do your own calculations!

What Are You Waiting For??

The sooner you sign up...the sooner we can get you started!


CHEERS to your success!!

PS:  You will get an email from me with how to access to the Builderall Team Awesome private training portal where I show how to get started using the Builderall tools and how to get started as a Builderall affiliate.

P.P.S. I know there are A LOT of scams online

This is not one of them…

I have personally been to the Orlando office of Builderall.  I have travelled all over the world with the CEO of Builderall.  I was also invited to the Builderall Mansion with a select group of top affiliates.  I have even hosted my own Builderall event in Memphis, TN.  In my humble opinion, this is the absolute best opportunity for you to create, build, and scale your own business online.

You need a mentor and you need a strategy...and I am ready to give that to you and more!

But don't just take my word for it!  Drop that $1 into the bucket and get access to ALL OF THE TOOLS and let me prove to you how much value and opportunity you are getting! 

Premium Plan
$69.90 per month

Just $1 for 30 Days

You’ll Get Access To All Of My HUGE Bonuses, ALL The Marketing Tools You'll Ever Need In ONE Location, & a MASSIVE Earning Potential With Builderall's 2 Tier Affiliate Program.  

Cancel Anytime - No Strings - No Upsells - No Garbage

Shelly Turner


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